Our Story


Hi, I'm Logan, owner and operator of Taylor + Lane Boutique. Owning my own boutique has been a lifelong dream, but never really seemed possible. Life was busy - work, raising two beautiful girls with my awesome husband. Then... one day... I lost my job. I was shocked, loved what I did and the people I worked with and I wasn't really sure where to go from there. Although I began to struggle with anxiety, I grasped onto the feeling that God had a different plan for my life. I wasn't supposed to be there anymore. So, my husband and I began praying for guidance - where did we go from here? What was I supposed to do now? After some nudges from friends and straight up shoves from God himself, I knew in my bones I was supposed to open my own boutique. It sounds crazy I know. But what if this was my way of reaching someone? What if through my boutique someone came to know Jesus? I couldn't say no. I thought convincing my husband would prove to be quite difficult, but again the Lord stepped in and paved the way. And so was born, Taylor + Lane.

At Taylor + Lane, my goal is that each and every customer feels beautiful, inside and out. Each item is hand picked with love and thoughtfulness. Each package is sent with that same love and a note of encouragement. My hope is that Taylor + Lane will not only be a place to find the cutest, latest styles, but will also be a place that spreads the word and love that Jesus has for everyone. 





Photo Cred: Dazzle Photography